Monday, June 21, 2010

My newest outfit.

It just might be true.

I have no intentions of analysing todays society or anything of the sort. However, one has to take a moment to think about the agendas or reasons behind the numerous sly comments made by people who seem intent on trying to bring down your self esteem or self worth.

I for one, I am an easy target for such people. I have an incredibly outspoken personality, as well as sky-high confidence, which is quite often mistaken for arrogance.

Just the other day, as I was conversing with a *friend* (I use this word very lightly) I was accused of being conceited, all because my reply to her question was not what she wanted to hear.

She had asked me what part of my body I had the most insecurity with. She was unpleasantly surprised almost horrified to hear I was very happy with my body as it was.

My question is, for a female individual to be accepted as ‘normal’, are body issues the benchmark for acceptance? I really hope that is not the case. As, I am sure, there are women out there who are comfortable in their own very sexy skin, and are as normal as can be. I’m not conceited, I’m simply happy with my body. I work hard for it. I eat healthy. As I am sure many of you do.

If my inability to find any thing to despise about my body makes me conceited, then, maybe, just maybe I am conceited after all.

It just might be true.